Our Core Values


  • Delivering a high level of service to both internal and external customers consistently
  • We mean what we say
  • We operate within Company guidelines in a consistent manner


  • At all times we act with professionalism, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible
  • We take pride and ownership in all that we do and say (in relation to the work we do and our behaviour)
  • We take responsibility for our own performance, personal accountability is expected

Quality – doing the right thing

  • If we give our word we keep it unless otherwise agreed by all parties
  • We make sure everything we produce is of a consistently high quality
  • We choose the best people for our work and employ the best practices

Protecting the Environment

AT Engine Controls recognises and believes in the importance of safeguarding natural resources and the global environment. We are committed to our employees, our communities, and our customers: their health, safety and understanding of the need for environmental stewardship.

We are committed to the following principles:

  • We will comply to all relevant environmental and health and safety laws.
  • We strive to minimize or eliminate the generation of waste.
  • We will monitor compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations.
  • We Will promote environmental awareness through effective education & training

By adopting these principles we will aim to contribute to handing down to future generations a natural wealth of clean water, clean air and wildlife to maintain the richest possible bio-diversity. You can view/download our environmental policy here along with other key business policies.

People are at the heart of our business. We are committed to the development of all of our staff
and we are proud to have achieved the prestigious new IIP 6th Generation Silver standard